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Dining Without Worrying About Gaining Weight ...

Currently, most of the supermarkets are selling food for dieters. The confectionery business by domestic production, like pretzels, biscuit wafer, biscuits made from soybeans, green beans with flour, margarine, prices from 5000 VND to 14,000 USD highly favored consumers. In particular, to serve consumers like dieting but still love "sweet spot", the manufacturers have launched products low calorie diet and can often replace sugar, as sugar, Tropicana Slim corn sugar, aspartame ..., priced from VND60,000 - VND80 000 / 125g box.
Besides, the market also offers a variety of drinks served for dietary needs of consumers. Also green teas, black tea and many varieties tea, there are teas Roses of Vietnam, which is used for obese people or people who have high cholesterol. Fruit juices, such as peaches, apples, grapes, oranges, tomatoes, with pure fruit juice, containing only 6% juice and fresh fruits should be tasty, However it kind stranger than drink purified water and all kinds of juicesr pack with high fructose syrup.
Even if you have to go to the restaurant, the menu still has the "specialized treatment" diet, reduce the meat dishes and minimize the grease. Also, in Hanoi also has several restaurants, a vegetarian rice brand, has an extensive menu to meet our customers to eat tasty without fear gaining weight. Even at the famous restaurant many dairy like France, Italy, Thailand, diners could choose for themselves a low-fat dish, suitable to taste and not fear of gaining weight.