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How many everyday substances?

Your body will burn refined sugar, protein and fat into energy. This energy into specific count calories and is a source of fuel for you to perform the operation.
Calories you need each day depends on many factors such as gender, age, weight and daily activities. For example, a woman who has retired, do nothing much and would often sit around just 1,600 calories / day, but a 25-year-old girl with busy work continuously to mobilize will need about 1800-2200 calorie body to ensure normal operation and not be lacking in substance. Below is a table of calories needed for each age.
1,600 calories - children 2 to 6 years of age and retired elderly
2,000 calories - adult whose job was not hard
2,200 calories - developing young body and the limbs must work more
2,800 calories - the athletes and people with special requirements for nutritional supplements.
Accounting for 10-35% of total protein calories
No exaggeration at all if confirmed protein (protein) are the basic components that make up life because every cell in your body contains it. Skin, bone, muscle and internal organs are the main constituent is protein. It also can be found in the blood, hormones and enzymes.
Protein can be found easily in many different foods. Leguminous trees, poultry, seafood, pork, beef and dairy products, starch ... are very high in protein. However, you should also be careful with protein-rich foods, do not eat them too much for a dish how much protein is also high in fat and cholesterol much.
Protein fit your body depends on your weight. Example: A woman weighs about 50-55kg will need 51 g of protein per day, a woman who weighs 55 to 60kg need to 64gr. Or in other words, you can be calculated by an average rate: For each kg of weight you will need 0.8 kg of protein to the body is not hungry.
Refined sugar (carbohydrate) - accounted for 45 to 65% of total calories
Refined sugar is a source of primary energy for you, is the fuel for the smooth functioning organs are not any problems. Sugar refined starches and sugars. Starch is found in flour, rice, pasta, cereal and some types of vegetables such as potatoes, sweet potatoes ... Quality Road then reappears in fruits, processed foods taste sweet like butter milk, ice cream, cakes ...
Accounting for 45-65% of your daily calories means you must absorb approximately 130g for 3 meals. The reason your body time to absorb so refined synthesis of refined sugar, so you will lose more energy for this and her kh also features less weight gain. Also fresh fruit and milk of course also more nutritious confectionery products. These foods often contain processed plenty of calories but have fewer vitamins and minerals.
Fat - accounts for 20-35% of total calories
Unlike protein and refined sugar, fat is a form of energy as well as additional water. Fat contains some important vitamins, helps the internal organs and also stronger immune system works more efficiently. But too much fat is not good at all, they will make you gain weight, obesity and with it the risk of diseases like heart disease, cholesterol ...
Cholesterol - more than 300 milligrams is not allowed per day
Everyone knows that high cholesterol rate is very dangerous for the health but the body can live without them. Simply because these everyday foods such as all kinds of meat, products made from dairy, carbonated water ... always contain a relatively high amount of cholesterol. What to do now that you have to limit this dish, instead of the kind that contains little or no cholesterol, such as vegetable oil, vegetables, fruits ...
In addition, the soluble tissue can help reduce cholesterol and control blood sugar. You can find these substances in oats, dried beans and some fruits like apples, oranges, strawberries and grapes.