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Diet Sugar: Pros and Cons

Diet of natural origin, not a chemical, which is essentially sweet-tasting amino acids. Special dietary sugars have been administered by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in over 150 countries.
Sugar Diet does not only help users to limit the amount of glucose in the blood, but also not containing saccharin (carcinogenic if used long term), but it should not take too much.
Here are some pros and cons when using sugar diet:

These types of dietary sugars are sweet tasty as natural flavor, taste and ensures the patient's senses, but provides a minimum calorie daily diet, so it does not cause fat accumulation as well as excess postprandial hyperglycemia.
Sugar diet is one of the useful functional foods, and low-calorie sweeteners are encouraged to use as alternative sugar to help people at risk of diabetes and who are obese, the dieters or anyone who needs to lose weight and those who care about a healthy Diet for the prevention of obesity, diabetes and atherosclerosis.
This type of sweetener can be used for other purposes, such as for people prone to acne, who has a habit of using too many carbohydrates in the diet, like eating sweet ... to avoid unnecessary energy increases.
Each type of sugar will have the ability to increase the blood glucose level, called GI. Dietary sugars made from natural products like corn, sugar beet have low GI; Compound diets from chemicals also have very low GI, so it is safe for people with hyperglycemia to eat sweet.
Some types of dietary sugars also increase blood glucose and provide more energy if abused. Therefore, dietary guidelines are generic, ambiguous as much as they are used, with no dose limitation, or any type of diet that is harmful to your health.

People who do not have blood sugar problems or are not obese do not recommend dieting. If you choose to use natural food extract, should not use chemical sugar. However, it must also be used with control of the quantity, depending on the tastes that choose the right type of sugar.
People with diabetes, obesity with high sugar diets will not have good control of blood sugar and weight, and can lead to more serious complications. Therefore, blood glucose should be checked periodically and irregularly, especially after using a new sugar diet to check the level of hyperglycemia to adjust the appropriate dose.
Corn sugar or sweet radish sugar is so low that many people tend to use a large amount to achieve satisfactory sweetness when processing food. This is also dangerous because it raises blood sugar and produces more energy.