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Tropicana Slim Low Calorie Sweetener with Sucralose 100g

Tropicana Slim Sucralose is one of the sugar variants of Tropicana Slim that has been trusted by the people of Indonesia since 40 years ago. Zero calorie sweetener made from sugar cane is calorie-free and sugar-free which is perfect to help you control your caloric intake so you can continue to enjoy the sweetness of life, without worrying about low-calorie diet program and also increased blood sugar levels
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Why Tropicana Slim Sucralose? 
- Sugar free and calorie free (0 calories), to help control your daily intake of sugar and calories 
Sweetness is safe for low-sugar diets and diabetics 

Number: 10673/2017 / food safety-XNCB 
Ingredients : Sweeteners (Sorbitol, Sucralose, Acesulfame-K), cornstarch and Chromium Picolinate 
Net Weight: 100g (2g / pack x 50 packs / box) 
Application: Street lower Energy, used to replace sugar sucrose. 
Target users : Products suitable for dieters, people with diabetes. 
Directions for use: The product is used to replace sucrose in the preparation of drinks and cooking. Put 1 pack in 150ml of hot or cold water when making a drink. 
Storage instructions : Store in cool, dry place. 
Manufacturer : PT. Nutrifood Indonesia. Address : Jl. Raya Ciawi 280A, Sindang Sari, Bogor Timur Bogor, Java Barat,