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Product information: Advanced technology application to extract Steviol sweetener from Stevia Sweet Leaf. The product is a pioneering solution in the field of Diet and Diabetes care completely from nature. It also helps to eliminate the inherent bitterness of Stevia Sweet Grass leaves a mild sweet taste, which can be used for cooking or drinks that are completely reassuring to the health of the Eaters. Abstinence and diabetes. The product does not produce energy and does not increase blood sugar.
Price: 93,000vnđ

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Number: 24 / VAN KIM / 2019
Ingredients: Sweetener (Sorbitol - E 420 (i)), stabilizer (E403), sweetener - 42 mg / part sweetener (Sweet grass, Acesulfame - K-E950, Sucralose - E955), Chromium Picolinate}
Net weight: 125 g / box.
Production date: see on the packaging
Shelf life: 02 years from the date of manufacture. Expiry date printed on the product packaging.
Instructions for use: Use directly to prepare drinks, cooking or baking
Storage instructions: Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight
Warning information: Do not use the product with signs of damage.
Excessive consumption of 40 g per day may have a laxative effect.
Origin, individual organization responsible for quality of goods:
Origin: Indonesia
Made in: Nutrifood Indonesia
Address: JI. Raya Ciawi No.280A, Sindang Sari, Bogor Timur Bogor, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Traders are responsible for the quality of goods: