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Van Kim Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 1997, with the experience and dedication of the management team, experienced staffs. We resolve to always bring you new products and service satisfaction to serve customers to generate higher quality of life.
Van Kim specializes in the import and export of food and beverage products, Directly between producers and consumers.

The main items include:     
- Dietetic Syrup
- Orange Powder Drink
- Sweetener
- Milk, cereal and nutritious goods
- ChoCho Snack and many other healthy products
Van Kim Co.
Ltd. distributes goods across the country, our goal is not only to develop the greater agency system, but also to enrich the goods, to further enhance the service to follow timely development and market demand.
Our company reputation is important and always offer our customers the best service and high quality products, always welcome feedback from customers to the company more on the path of our continuos development.