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Ăn ngon mà không sợ... tăng cân

At present, most supermarkets sell food for dieters. Domestic confectionery, such as salty biscuits, sponge biscuits, soy biscuits, green peas, with sugar, flour or starch, margarine, priced at 5,000 Copper to 14,000 is very popular with consumers. In particular, to cater to dietary consumers who are still love "sweet", manufacturers have launched low-calorie diets and can often replace sugarwith such as Tropicana Slim, aspartame, and others sweeteners ..., price from 80,000 VND - 150,000 VND / box 125g. Skimmed milk powder (skim milk), unsweetened fresh milk is also consumed considerably. 

In addition, there are not  many drinks on the market catering to the dietary needs of consumers. In addition to Green Tea, Dieters Tea, there are Vietnamese Roses tea, used for obese people or people with cholesterol in the blood. Fruit juices, such as peaches, apples, grapes, oranges, sugar-free tomatoes of many imported products.Where the pure fruit juice, containing only 6% fresh fruit juice fill with corn syrup , so it tastes sweet and it packs with calories and sugary water. And its not counting the preservative and high content of sugar,  Most educated consumers are still seeking delicious and sweet drink and food while avoiding weight gain, and provide more vitamins for the body,

Even when you have to go to the restaurant, there are still menu "diet" Reduce processed meats and minimize grease. In addition, there are a number of restaurants and vegetarian restaurants in Hanoi that offer a variety of menus to satisfy those who want to eat without fear of gaining weight. Even in well-known dairy restaurants such as France, Italy, Thailand, diners can still opt for a low-fat, tasty and healthy snack.